(broken links corrected on July 28, 2018) As I wrote yesterday, I have been developing a link chart of everyone involved in the Poisoned Pawns public corruption investigation. Because many of the court records remain sealed I have had to plug in names on a “best guess” basis. As you can see from the chart, the original investigation mushroomed to include many more individuals and companies that were not originally named in the 2007 Ketner Information.

Operation Poisoned Pawns Link Chart – April 2014

My original chart is 36 inches by 48 inches tall. This makes it difficult to publish online.

If you use this link, (link removed on August 21, 2014) you can zoom in and move around the chart via your computer. However, because the zoom technology is based on Adobe Flash you must have Flash enabled on your computer. This option will not work on smartphones and tablets unless they support Flash. Apple products do not.

I have also created an eight by 11 inch (letter-size) version in PDF format that you can download for printing. Although the entire chart is included, the size compression may make it difficult to read the content, although I believe most of it is readable.

PDF download link.

I also have the full 36 by 48 inch version in PDF format for those that want to have a full size version. This is a 12MB file. You can get a print version of the link chart at any shop capable of printing large format prints such as FedEx Kinko’s or Office Depot. Just give them a copy of the PDF document.

If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, you may request a free copy of full-size version of the chart. Just send me a request to my email address, if you already have it, or you can send me a request via the online form on my blog. Please be sure to include the email address you use to receive my newsletter.

My contact form is here.

If you prefer not to subscribe to my newsletter, you can purchase a digital copy of full-size version for $20 USD. You can use the Paypal link found under the Support tab at the top of my blog.

If you prefer a printed version, please contact me with payment information and a mailing address. The fee for the 36×48 version is $160USD.

As you review the chart, you will notice that there are many more individuals than the original named ones that either have pleaded guilty or have been convicted. My blog post yesterday identified the original named individuals. The chart shows the original named individuals and how they are linked to the government entities and the various additional companies, as well as other individuals that have also been convicted or pleaded guilty. You might notice that some companies are linked to individuals yet their officials were not indicted.

You should note that there are various criminal activities that were exposed by the investigation. The Bob Jones scandal was just one criminal activity in many.

In tomorrow’s post I’m going to list everyone involved in the public corruption scandal that have been identified to date. I’ll list for you their current status. I will also list the companies involved and if they remain in business, or not. I will show you how the various crimes are linked to the individuals and businesses.

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  1. Martin:
    Interesting chart, however you left out several most important players:
    Art Fierro, Hector Zavaleta Jr., Roberto C Ruiz (Senior), Veronica Escobar, Hill Feinberg.

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