As we come to the end of 2013, I believe it is important to review the biggest issues facing the community. As we enter 2014, the community of El Paso will immediately be faced with an election that will determine whether the political corruption will continue or will the electorate further regain control of their future. Unfortunately, for El Paso, corruption, in its many forms, dominated the political landscape in 2013. Not only did the majority of the public corruption cases concluded at the judiciary but many examples of corruption continued to permeate throughout the city.

Because of this, my blogging activity in 2013 was dominated by the city’s corruption. However, at the national level the issue of immigration reform was once again center stage in 2013. As before immigration reform is hampered by the political necessities that ignore the fact that the United States needs immigrant labor for economic prosperity. Unfortunately, politically immigration is the perfect scapegoat to distract from the other national issues that are inconvenient for the politicians to resolve. Immigration reform thus becomes the release for political rhetoric.

Initially, at the beginning of 2013 I wanted to focus on national and international issues for my blogging. However, the February arrest of Jaime Abeytia brought me squarely back to the reality that the façade that “It’s All Good” in El Paso was nothing more than makeup on a pig. As much as I tried to ignore it, the rampant El Paso corruption kept dragging me in.

As the public corruption cases began to come to a close I started to notice that although some individuals were being sentenced for public corruption crimes many more seemed to be getting away with it. This was normal for El Paso as whispers of ongoing corruption are normal for daily lunch gossip.

Many whispered about the corruption but as always, the retort is “prove it”.

I noticed that during the Larry Medina sentencing allegations of public corruption at the city were levied during the sentencing hearing yet to this day not one local news media mentioned it. Now it wasn’t only a whisper but an actual courtroom allegation based on information yet to be released to the community yet the El Paso community was oblivious to it. This reality brought me back to focusing on El Paso corruption.

Of course, as always the El Paso Times played front and center acting as the mouthpiece to those that continue to proclaim the fallacy that El Paso is one of the safest cities in the community completely ignoring the corruption. For the El Paso Times the actions of the city government were nothing more than a deep pocket book for them thus it is obvious the El Paso Times had no interest in upsetting their benefactors.

Just when I started to think it was safe for me to go back to writing about immigration issues Naomi Gonzalez is arrested for DUI in March. Her actions further exemplified for all the rampant corruption that is El Paso.

In April, I started to focus on the debacle that is downtown redevelopment. Of course, the ballpark stadium is the cornerstone of the latest iteration of the Foster/Hunt driven raping of the El Paso taxpayers that has been ongoing since the late 1970’s. From the Blue Flame Building to the ballpark, the misuse of taxpayer funds has become the economic basis of the so-called El Paso visionaries.

In May, I shared various examples of how certain politicians flaunt the campaign laws without so much as a whimper from the enforcers and the local media. Of course, I’m writing about Steve Ortega. Nevertheless, the writing was on the wall and the Foster/Hunt horde needed an Ortega replacement and thus the political grooming of Cortney Niland was launched. As has now become a common theme on my blog, the ballpark dominated the political scene and I wrote many pieces dissecting that debacle. I also began to dissect for you how the corruption works in the city with the use if a complicit news media and useful idiots.

In June, I focused on the election where Steve Ortega was summarily dismissed from public service and Oscar Leeser took over for John Cook. I also continued to dissect the ballpark fiasco.

In July, I continued to write about the downtown fiasco while noticing that the local media were ignoring an important element of transparency in government. Unbelievably the cornerstone of the news media’s ability to inform the community was generally being ignored by the local news media. I’m, of course, writing about Stephanie Townsend Allala’s quest for open records. Stephanie has been single handedly fighting for the right of the people to demand accountability from its government and the local media has completely ignored its responsibility to the community they purport to serve. The legal ramifications of the quest for transparency will be felt statewide and possibly even at the national level and yet the only person fighting for the community’s right to know is Stephanie Townsend Allala. The local news media will of course, write editorials as they purchase awards for themselves after the dust settles however meanwhile they don’t even understand the issue surrounding this quest. I’m sure it has everything to do with the local government entities not giving them a press release with which to run.

Fortunately, for us, as much as the city has tried to keep the emails from getting into the community’s realm, slowly, a trickle at a time the information started to flow. Many argue that there is no “smoking gun” however, as you go through my blog archives you will notice that each new piece of information that trickles out fills in missing pieces and completes the puzzle that is the stadium debacle. Each new piece of information clearly proves that the stadium fiasco was designed from the onset to keep the voters out of the process.

Because Stephanie Townsend Allala’s quest for government transparency forced the disclosure of government records in August, I was able to connect many dots for you about the ballpark fiasco. I was also able to share with you examples of how the horde uses useful idiots to continue to manipulate the electorate.

In September, I continued to focus on the ballpark fiasco, the useful idiots and the email scandal. El Paso continuously provides me with examples of corruption and how it works.

In October, I shared with you my own open records travails with the city. I also continued to connect the dots for you from issues that happened many years ago and how they are all related with today’s corruption. I also shared with you another example about how in El Paso the legal system treats individuals differently with one group designated as VIPs whose cases seem to vanish into thin air and the rest of the community members that are thrown in jail for laundry detergent. Of course, I’m writing about Ann Morgan Lilly who is accused of assault twice and somehow her cases never make it beyond the “investigative” step.

By this time, the horde started to notice that my writing was having an effect on their ability to keep the illusion alive about El Paso being a safe city devoid of corruption and therefore they unleashed multiple useful idiots to attempt to discredit my facts.

By November, the upcoming March primaries started to take center stage and therefore the political operatives started to position themselves on the scene. Presumptive candidates started to posture before the electorate and useful idiots started to line up for handouts from the horde. I shared with you examples of this and I continued to write about the email scandal, the ballpark fiasco and public corruption.

December was no different as the March primaries, the ongoing email scandal and public corruption continued to dominate the scene.

As much as I tried to keep away from the fiasco that is El Paso politics the corruption is just so egregious that I cannot ignore it. Tomorrow I’ll share with you my plans for 2014.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. You make a valid point that corrupt public officials constitute a form of violence against the polis. I had not considered it that way. This is a very violent city in that light.

    Imagine this Spring when the AAA games begin. The luxury suites can be called “bribery boxes” and I can just see all the politicos lining up for a swell time with Paul and Woody. You could ask your readers to snap pictures of politicos going in or out of the suites and post them here. If we could make those high priced seats politically radioactive for elected officials it might take some of the frosting off of Fosterwood’s new Twinkie.

    Niland is key to their further plans but she has pissed off so many people in her district and is so obviously a Hunt/Foster sock puppet that all her district needs is a viable alternative and she is the next Ortega.

  2. Let’s recap the year where the corruption is concocted. Remember we are no longer the country of innocent until proven guilty.
    Where is the true corruption, and think about it, will it ever end, when we have certain individuals being told to continue the government stories. Read the following links below, see for yourself:

    “Thursday ended one chapter of the public corruption investigation that has gripped of El Paso for the past nine years and it opened up a totally new part that a FEDERAL JUDGE SAID HE HOPED would lead to indictments.”

    “Montalvo also said he was DISAPPOINTED to read a recent El Paso Times story quoting an elected official who said they were ‘glad the public corruption scandal was behind us.’ ‘I’m saddened that such IGNORANCE was publicly displayed,’ Montalvo said in court. ‘IT’S NOT behind us. WE have a long way to go.'” Read:

    “Unlike every single defendant, you still have information that could benefit the government TO PUT PEOPLE IN PRISON,” said Montalvo. Here this judge has already found others unindicted, guilty before even going to trial, and further is insinuating/leading this defendant to a Rule 35 message, read:

    Now ask yourself are we still in the United States with actions. Farewell to the year 2013 and the BOLD display of true corruption in the courts.

    1. So we should all just do away with the the words “impartial judge”, as they mean nothing. That’s intelligent. Let’s do away with “innocent until proven guilty” too.

  3. “By this time, the horde started to notice that my writing was having an effect on their ability to keep the illusion alive about El Paso being a safe city devoid of corruption and therefore they unleashed multiple useful idiots to attempt to discredit my facts.”

    So true. The El Paso horde shakes and shivers in fear at what the Florida blogger will publish next.

    And how dare the horde holler “Prove it!” when you have something better than proof: Whispers.

    Indeed, 2013 was an amazing year. I can barely wait to hear your plans for 2014.

    1. And how are your plans going on that non-existent blog of yours ? You better hope another Naked Harem story comes up again in the future.

  4. For 2014 can we ask for new years resolutions: how are the maruffos and apodacas connected? what is their connection to law enforcement?

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