In honor of the season I’m going to share with you what I like about El Paso. I realize that this may come as a shock to many of you but there are many things I like about El Paso. In fact, of all of the cities that I have lived in, El Paso ranks one of the highest because of my friends there.

Culture & Location

It is true that El Paso is in the middle of nowhere. However El Paso has many interesting places for those looking for a little adventure.

Culturally El Paso is a blend of the Hispanic culture with other cultures. Apple Pie is as common as pan dulce in any family’s home. Cookouts are steaks grilling alongside a boiling pot of menudo. Quinceañeras are as common as sweet-sixteen parties. Turkey and tripitas go hand-in-hand on Thanksgiving Day.

Hueco Tanks and hiking trails beckon your inner-child looking for adventure. For those into sky-diving you won’t find finer weather and topography to remind you that life is but a ripcord away. For the private pilots; control towers and uncontrolled airspace meanders with ADIZ and military corridors in open airspace full of beautiful scenery and cooperating weather.

More importantly El Paso is family centric. El Paso families are warm and welcoming and ready to lend a helping hand.


I miss El Paso food! It’s not exactly Mexican, New Mexican or TexMex as it is actually unique to El Paso. From Carnitas Queretaro to Taco Tote and Burrito House the food has no equal. L&J’s and even Chico’s Tacos are food that makes El Paso memorable.

Even Sushi has a unique El Paso flavor. And Lupita’s Tamales has no equal, even in Mexico.

A Time for Reflection

During this season of reflection it is important to note those that enrich our lives. Obviously my family is the single most important thing that make every day, not only a new adventure but one that enriches my life everyday.

My blogging activity is enabled by one very important fact and that is the many individuals that keep me informed and readily provide me with source material for my research. I would love nothing better than to individually thank each and every one publicly but each has asked that I keep their identity confidential. Without their invaluable support my blogging would come to a screeching halt. Therefore all though I can’t name each of you individually I can nonetheless offer you a very sincere thank you for all of your support.

To those still in El Paso that continue to fight for an equitable and open government I salute you and thank you for your invaluable service.

The Future

As we close 2013 and open up 2014 I get excited about the possibilities that await us. I’ll be leaving you with this post through the Christmas week as I take some time off to be with my family. On Monday, December 30 I’ll be posting a recap of the most interesting items for 2013.

Until then,

I want to wish each and every one of you a very beautiful Christmas with your families!

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. I think that when people get upset with corruption and cronyism, it is due to the very fact that one cares for a place enough that witnessing abuse stirs emotion. People often mistake my criticism of Mexico because they think I do not like Mexico. I love the people and the many things that Mexico has to offer. However, I think that the people of Mexico deserve better. This is why it makes me so angry when I consider the political/economic situation there. The same is true of El Paso. I get upset when I see abuse and corruption here.

    Keep up the good work, Martin. Don’t let us grow complacent.

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