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City Council Review

  • Approved that the Mayor enter into an inter-local agreement between the city and the county/district attorney 34th Judicial District of the State of Texas for services for the city and its police department relating to arrests and prosecution of cases in connection with the District Attorney’s information management system and program ($333,176);
  • Approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the Consulate General of Mexico on behalf of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide city employees Spanish language courses;
  • Appointment of Charlie McNabb as Chief Administrative Officer;
  • Appointment of Rita Rodriguez as City Attorney;
  • Approved the sale of water and sewer revenue bonds in the amount of ($7,520,000);
  • Accepted a report that proposes requiring that all board and commission appointees submit quarterly ethics reports consistent with current city ordinance.

Other news

  • County increased tax exemption amount by $5,000 for disabled homeowners;
  • County threatens to sue Western Playland if owner does not open records to auditor inspection;
  • Waiting time on Americas Port of Entry remains consistent at just over an hour and quarter.  No relief in sight; 29
  • Bus drivers in Juarez are found to have a false driver’s license;
  • Enron was warned of financial problems months ago;
  • Arthur Anderson company has put three auditors on leave and has fired the lead partner overseeing the Enron accounts;
  • El Paso Metro launches new portal. El Paso Forum is a cyber-community for El Paso residents. It can be found at:

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