City Council Review

  • Renewed interlocal agreement between the city and downtown management district;
  • Authorized Mayor to submit certification report to Department of Justice regarding confiscated funds;
  • Postponed an amendment to the 12 Traveler’s that would provide a 2-year contract extension to John Houser to complete the Juan de Oñate statue;
  • Signed contract with Fermin Dorado Engineering, Inc. for $255,000 for retrofitting of municipal separate storm sewer system for water quality;
  • Approved acquisition of a forensics computer;
  • Passed $33,779,613 in Certificates of Obligation to acquire buildings and vehicles.  Opposed were Rose Rodriguez, Luis Sariñana and Anthony Cobos. On KROD, Jan Sumrall claimed to be uncomfortable with the timing of the issuance of Certificates of Obligation as debate intensifies regarding taxes.  But as has come to be expected, she reversed herself when it came time to vote and voted for the COs.

Other news

  • Golden State Bus line was raided by Justice Department.  Most of the officers and employees were arrested for participating in the smuggling of persons without immigration documents;
  • The City and Police have reached a contract agreement that would increase pay by 7%.  However, the Mayor made the contract contingent on the defeat of the rollback effort.  Anti-tax advocates accused the Mayor of lying and blackmailing people into relinquishing their right to vote;
  • Anti-tax advocates are said to be shy 6,000 signatures with one week left before the tax rollback deadline (24,000 and need to reach 30,250);
  • The County passed a resolution to set-up a sports authority and placed Brian Kennedy to lead it.  Kennedy, who oversees the Coliseum, was enthusiastic about the 5-0 vote and pledged to work hard to make a sports authority work.  “We are going to inventory sports facilities and speak to those involved in promoting team sports,” he said.

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