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City Council Review

  • Deleted the item that would hire consultant to certify Jobe Concrete blasting;
  • Three redistricting plans were presented and are being reviewed by city attorney;
  • Hired two outside consultants to review landfill environmental compliance;
  • Passed a resolution to permanently prohibit parking in front of federal courthouse.

Other news

  • Lupe Weaver, contributor to, was ousted from the Tejano Democrats because she expressed her concern regarding the policy of consuming alcoholic beverages at Tejano and Democratic functions.   Luis Mata, President of the Tejano Democrats, asked for a motion and second from the floor to “kick her out”.  The motion was approved.   None of the candidates running for judgeships protested the obvious retaliation against a citizen exercising her right of free speech.
  • Christopher McGill, Police Association President, announced support for the Caballero Tax Increase.  Theresa Caballero of the Coalition El Paso Fights Back Coalition asked the rank and file to break with McGill and join the tax rollback effort.  “The proposed contract is less valuable than the previous one.”  The rank and file should be told the truth.” She added.
  • El Paso and Juarez agreed to conduct biannual joint meetings to discuss items of interest to both cities.

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