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City Council Highlights

  • Asleep at the Wheel – Jan Sumrall, who has been on council for seven years requested re-prioritization of the bond issue projects to move up a park on the Westside.  Rose Rodriguez questioned where she and her constituents were when the discussions regarding bond project priorities was taking place.  Larry Medina opposed tinkering with the process because there are many projects in his district that are very important too.  John Cook, Dan Power and Paul Escobar were indecisive.  Cook exhorted the Council to be careful.  Dan Power wanted to know how he could use some of the money dedicated to Sumrall’s delayed project.  Sarinana and Cobos agreed that changes should be made for emergency purposes but were unhappy at revisiting the prioritization process.  The Mayor sided with Sumrall and suggested that a “process” be constructed that would instruct the bond committee and parks and recreation regarding “factors” for priorities.  The tension between Jan Sumrall and Larry Medina continues to manifest.  Rose Rodriguez is increasingly reactive to Sumrall’s patronizing her. Cook is working hard to mediate differences and restore his image.  Meanwhile, the Mayor is increasingly attempting to be collegial, and leave behind his rottweiler image.  Recent quick polls show that people strongly dislike this style.
  • Asphalt – Agreed to postpone an award to Silverton Construction until some shoddy application of asphalt on Giles Road be corrected.;
  • Speed Limit – Approved a reduction in the speed limit on N. Zaragoza just north of Montwood from 50/55/60 to 45/50/20 to accommodate a school speed zone.

Other news

  • President Bush has asked for closer review of student visas.  Such an order may affect Mexican and other foreign students studying at local colleges.
  • The County continues to spend money on membership fees to County-related organizations.  The latest resume-builder is Dolores Briones membership in the County Executives Association.
  • City employees are still upset at the increase in insurance rates and decrease in benefits.  One employee commented, “What good are small salary increases when we have increased taxes and increased insurance rates?”
  • The Parks Director position at the County is vacant.  A regional search will be conducted.
  • Carlos Aguilar plans to announce his reelection campaign on Thursday November 1st.
  • Luis Aguilar has announced his campaign for District Judge.
  • Alex Hernandez has announced his campaign for Justice of the Peace in Ysleta.
  • George Ruiz has announced his campaign for Justice of the Peace in Northeast.

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