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City Council Meeting Highlights

Banks – Agreed to require banks to provide Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) reports to the city regarding lending practices and service activities.

County Buses – City entered into agreement with County to provide new bus service to Socorro, Clint and San Elizario. Depending on ridership, additional routes may be added. County official stated that they hope to pursue discussions with the City to create a Regional Transit Authority.

Day Care – Denied a zoning change request from residential to commercial from a petitioner in light of the fact that the BZAC (Zoning Board) is recommending that commercial day-care be an allowable activity in residential zones.

El Puente Express – The current bus express routes 8 & 10 have been very successful. 96,000 riders are projected. The routes cover the international bridges, Los Lagartos Plaza (aka San Jacinto) and UTEP.

Fire Expo – Stan Roberts, Fire Marshall, reminded everyone of the Fire Expo on October 13-14 at Cohen Stadium. Fire equipment and techniques are demonstrated at the event.

Fire Prevention Week – Stan Roberts, Fire Marshall, presented his Public Education Team (among them Joe Tellez, Mike Ortiz and Mike Tivitz) and reminded people of the observance.

International Visitors Bureau – Ruth Mojica-Hammer, Director of the IVB presented the Hon. Luis Castiglione, Deputy from Paraguay who brought a message of solidarity.

Speaking Rock – Passed a Resolution supporting the Casino. Sumrall asked that her name appear on the Resolution.

Tax Rollback – Agreed to abide by State election statutes and stated that no additional rules would be added to them by the City.

Teachers – Mexican Counsel and El Paso Independent School District Superintendent agreed to collaborate with border Mexican states to recruit exceptional math and science teachers.

Vigil for Peace – Denied a request for waiver of parade fees. Event is scheduled for October 12, 2001. Event is co-sponsored by MECHA of UTEP and Las Americas Refugee Center.

Other news


Numerous citizens complained today on radio talk shows and to city officials that the County Elections Department was refusing to provide voter registration numbers to citizens. A voter registration number is requested in the rollback petitions circulating around the city.

A County Elections employee told El Paso Metro that Helen Jamison, Elections Director had instructed them to interpret requests for voter registration numbers as “requests for a new voter registration card.” Such a request must be “made in writing as per Section15.003 of the State Elections Code.”


Jaime O. Perez, spokesman for Citizens for Good Government, announced today that his group will not be going to Court to protect voting rights. “We lack sufficient funds to move forward. Our position is that the City has on record the signatures of 4000, now disenfranchised, voters. The City’s position is illegal, but, regrettably, we can not avail ourselves of the legal remedy.”

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