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El Paso, We Have a Problem

Many are celebrating the politics of Donald Trump, including many in El Paso. As dangerous as the Trump politics are to the nation and to the world, El Paso will feel the ramifications the...


Shootout at the Durangito

As many of you know there is an ongoing battle over the Durangito community and the proposed El Paso arena. It all revolves around whether a neighborhood should be displaced to make room for...


The Ethics and Hypocrisy of Jim Tolbert

Jim Tolbert filed an ethics complaint against Larry Romero complaining about Romero’s lack of ethics at city council. Those of you who are longtime readers of my blog know that the single most annoying...


El Paso Corruption and the Two-Party System

My New Year’s post elicited some interesting comments. Apparently tying the El Paso corruption to Donald Trump’s corruption is misguided because El Paso is predominantly run by the Democrats. The two party-system is dead....

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