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El Paso Children’s Hospital Bankruptcy

Although it is what I advocated on February 26, 2015 in “More Proof of Veronica Escobar’s end Game for Children’s Hospital,” yesterday’s bankruptcy by the El Paso Children’s Hospital underscores the serious problem with...

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The F Factor

Those that have followed El Paso elections for any amount of time knows that the results for Saturday’s election has already been determined. No, it is not because someone manipulated the election results but...

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A Criminal Gets More Money Than I Do

You would think that in a city like El Paso where the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently put almost 30 public officials in jail for public corruption, that politicians would not pay criminals...

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Ali Enrique Razavi and Hypocrisy

You would think that in the many years I have been doing this I wouldn’t be surprised by the dirty politics that play out in the El Paso political scene. Yet, I am continually...

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