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The Hypocrisy of Veronica Escobar

Yesterday I wrote about the driving force of hypocrisy in my writings and the day before I pointed out Jaime Abeytia’s criminal record. Today I want to share with you just one example, of...

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Trolley Politics

As El Paso city council wrestles with deteriorating streets and trying to keep taxes in check, they nonetheless continue to squander limited resources in the mistaken belief that if you apply enough lipstick on...

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City Manager and Taxes

The discussion on taxes and fees disguised as taxes have been the focus of community discussion the last few months as a result of the sobering fact that city and county revenues are not...

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Well That Didn’t Take Long

Those that have been following city politics may have noticed that a political faction rallying behind Ray Caballero has been building since 2000. Although Ray Caballero is apparently silent on the city’s political landscape,...