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Well That Didn’t Take Long

Those that have been following city politics may have noticed that a political faction rallying behind Ray Caballero has been building since 2000. Although Ray Caballero is apparently silent on the city’s political landscape,...

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Why did Jaime Abeytia leave?

Many of you already know that Jaime Abeytia is no longer on the public’s dole working for Vince Perez. As some you may have noticed, last Tuesday, August 5, I tweeted that I had confirmed...

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Claudia Ordaz Sworn In Despite Complaint Filed

Yesterday morning, at the beginning of the city council meeting, Claudia Ordaz was sworn into represent District 6. As I tweeted on the weekend, a complaint was filed, challenging Ordaz’ eligibility to hold office,...

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The UMC Shell Game

Because I had previously written about the Children’s Hospital fiasco and that the rhetoric was a nothing more than a prelude to a county tax increase, notwithstanding the pontificating politicians, it was no surprise...