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Ron Acton Lays It All Bare

Last week, the El Paso Inc. published a question and answer session with Ron Acton. The article, by David Crowder, should put to rest the notion that the El Paso Children’s Hospital will be...


El Paso, We Have a Problem

Many are celebrating the politics of Donald Trump, including many in El Paso. As dangerous as the Trump politics are to the nation and to the world, El Paso will feel the ramifications the...


El Paso Childrens Hospital Scheme Part 2

Last week, KVIA’s Andrew Polk (August 27, 2016) reported that the El Paso County Commissioners and the University Medical Center board were talking about “possible problems like the tax rate and the El Paso...


UMC and Children’s Taxes

As you likely know, El Paso taxpayers are bracing for yet more taxes as the County, EPISD, YISD, UMC and other taxing entities look to shore up their failed budgets on the backs of...

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