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Again, The Wall Will Not be Built

Unless you are living under a rock then you likely know that a special counsel was appointed on Wednesday to investigate allegations of Russian influence over the 2016 election. Hold you pitchforks for a...


Donald Trump Back Peddles the Wall

As I have previously written, the México-U.S. border wall proposed by Donald Trump is a symbol of a narrative about México that blames México for the problems of the United States. The notion that...


Peter Svarzbein’s Wall Moment

As many of you likely know I am against the Donald Trump wall. As you may also know, Peter Svarzbien has an agenda item (20.1) on today’s city council meeting asking for discussion and...


The Trump Wall Gets Underway Today

Today marks the official beginning of the Donald Trump Wall odyssey. The U.S. government has officially opened the first step in the process by asking potential vendors to submit design concepts and budgets. Although,...

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