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Cortney Niland in Her Own Words

Anytime the issue of taxes comes up at the city most of commentary centers on the notion that it is the residential property owner that overwhelmingly pays the majority of the taxes in the...

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Flooding Niland’s Quest for More Money

As you all know back in 2006 El Paso experienced the so-called 100-year rainstorm that is only supposed to come about every century or so. As a result of the rains, many El Pasoans...

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I Got My Water Bill

My blog post on “Trash Bin Economics” resulted in many emails letting me know that I have no clue about city economics. Much of the language used to describe how wrong I was, is...

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Inconvenient Truths and Taxes

For some time now, I have been writing about the economic tsunami that is building up to demolish what little El Pasoans have left in their pockets. When the ballpark was being shoved down...

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The UMC Shell Game

Because I had previously written about the Children’s Hospital fiasco and that the rhetoric was a nothing more than a prelude to a county tax increase, notwithstanding the pontificating politicians, it was no surprise...