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San Jacinto Bathrooms

I have been in El Paso the last couple of days getting a closer look at some of the issues that need to be addressed. I still need to organize my research in order...

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The Culture of Corruption: Dana Pittard

I have written numerous times how there permeates a culture of corruption within El Paso. Most of you are familiar with the numerous government officials that plead guilty or were convicted under the Poisoned...

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Rosemary Castillo and Inconvenient Questions

On Wednesday, I discussed the issue of Sam Legate and conflict of interest. Yesterday I delved into Jim Valenti‘s part in this mess. Today, I want to delve a little into another individual intimately...

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Sam Legate and Conflicts of Interest

There is a concept of conflict of interest when making decisions. Unless you have been involved in making business decisions, most individuals do not have to worry about conflicts of interest. The more money we...

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