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The Politics of a Waterpark for the Northeast

On July 1, 2014, the City of El Paso issued a “Request for Proposals” (2014-475R) requesting proposals for a “Northeast Water/Aquatic Adventure Park” at Cohen Stadium. Although this was the first time a proposal...

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You Won’t be Seeing This in El Paso

El Paso officials are notorious for establishing fees to deal with one crisis or another. When the crisis is over with most individuals expect that the fees should be rescinded giving the taxpayer some...

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Other Texans Noticing the Trolley Fiasco

One of the things I am constantly accused of is being out of touch with reality. I regularly receive emails and messages telling me that I don’t understand the complexities of the actions taken...

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KVIA Report on City Losses for Ballpark

Last Friday, August 29, KVIA published an unattributed report on city losses for the ballpark. The report titled “First downtown ballpark season showing losses for city” points out that the taxpayers are going to...