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Exposing the DACA Lies

Every time there is a debate about immigration reform there are numerous figures thrown out as fact. Arguments are made based on false facts and narratives to push forth the agenda that immigrants are...


Court Says No to Sports Arena, But is it Dead

Yesterday, Judge Amy Clark Meachum of Travis County delivered a blow to the proponents of a sports arena for downtown who had intended to use the 2012 bond money for a multi-purpose performing arts...


The Immorality of Veronica Escobar

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with immigration issues, especially about Mexican immigrants, is the constant misuse of the immigrant narrative by politicians. It is difficult enough having to dispel the many...


The Trump Wall Paid for by America

The House Republicans released the Homeland Security funding bill on Tuesday. In it there are $1.6 Billion to fund the U.S.-México border wall. This is only the initial amount requested by the Trump administration....

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