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Here Is a Simple Idea for EPISD

Today I am going to share with you a simple idea for the EPISD building woes and tax needs. It is a simple idea that would save the taxpayers money and it makes sense....

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The Impending Doom of Taxes

Judging by the amount of email and messages, through my website, that I get when I point out that your taxes are going up it seems that this little inconvenient fact is something the...

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The UMC Tax Hike Conspiracy

When the El Paso Children’s Hospital debacle first surfaced, I wrote a blog post letting you know that the end result would be higher taxes for you. Even though I already knew a tax...

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The Benefits of Taxes

It may seem to most of you that I consistently complain about taxes. The fact is that taxes are necessary and offer many benefits to society. All of you are aware of the benefits...

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