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The City Wins Because They Keep Us Divided

The City of El Paso has become adept at minimizing citizen obstruction of its pet projects. Citizen referendums are blocked via bureaucracy and through intimidation via litigation. Citizens have resorted to filing court cases...


Ron Acton Lays It All Bare

Last week, the El Paso Inc. published a question and answer session with Ron Acton. The article, by David Crowder, should put to rest the notion that the El Paso Children’s Hospital will be...


The Tax Pain of 2017

Like most of you, this week I am dealing with filing my taxes for 2016. I am not a U.S. citizen, but like most of you reading this today, I also file and pay...


El Paso Politics

It seems that some readers of the blog are wondering if I am going to go back to writing about El Paso politics. My interest has always been about border politics, of which El...


The Canutillo School District NIMBYs

The Canutillo School District, led by board president Laure Searls, is the latest public entity opposed to poor people in their neighborhood. NIMBY, or Not In My Back Yard, has been an ongoing problem...

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