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The KVIA Mayoral Candidate Debate Controversy

Last week there was some controversy regarding KVIA’s decision to limit their mayoral debates to the top three mayoral candidates that have raised the most money. It was a controversy about the news media’s...


The Electorate of El Paso 2017

The upcoming May 2017 municipal elections include the same political characters and the same challengers mounting an unwinnable race. This is because at the core of El Paso remains an unpleasant truth about the...


The Ethics and Hypocrisy of Jim Tolbert

Jim Tolbert filed an ethics complaint against Larry Romero complaining about Romero’s lack of ethics at city council. Those of you who are longtime readers of my blog know that the single most annoying...


The Corruption of Jim Tolbert

During the last couple of days, I shared with you how the local chambers of commerce and the news media incubates and encourages corruption in El Paso. One of my statements elicited a strong...

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