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Tolbert And Too Much Corruption

It seems that for El Paso voters there is such a thing as too much corruption. But looks can be deceiving. As you likely know, Jim Tolbert was dismissed by the El Paso voters...


Local Blogosphere Proves Nothing Changed

This is for those of you that are still upset with my lack of coverage of the local El Paso political scene during the recent municipal races. Even if I could have motived myself...


Ron Acton Lays It All Bare

Last week, the El Paso Inc. published a question and answer session with Ron Acton. The article, by David Crowder, should put to rest the notion that the El Paso Children’s Hospital will be...


The KVIA Mayoral Candidate Debate Controversy

Last week there was some controversy regarding KVIA’s decision to limit their mayoral debates to the top three mayoral candidates that have raised the most money. It was a controversy about the news media’s...

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