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Cortney Niland Abuses Senior Citizen

As you are all aware, Cortney Niland has been sitting sandwiched in between Ann Morgan Lilly and Larry Romero for some time now because she refuses to sit in her assigned seat. There are...

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Claudia Ordaz Sworn In Despite Complaint Filed

Yesterday morning, at the beginning of the city council meeting, Claudia Ordaz was sworn into represent District 6. As I tweeted on the weekend, a complaint was filed, challenging Ordaz’ eligibility to hold office,...

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Notice How Secrecy is the Key to Veronica Escobar

There is a political battle underway for control of the Children’s Hospital. As with all political battles for power, there is much rhetoric and unfortunately very little public information. Veronica Escobar, and her cohorts...

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The Politics of the Children’s Hospital

Yesterday I shared with you the finances of the Children’s Hospital. Many of you have noticed that the public rhetoric is shrouded in secrecy. Although UMC is a publicly funded organization accountable to the...