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YISD Bond Scam and Jaime Abeytia

It seems I can never catch a break about having to write about the ongoing corruption in El Paso. I was hoping to focus on national politics today, but unfortunately, here we go again....

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Things That Make You Go What Da!

As you know there is some controversy about Tommy Gonzalez’ pay raise. As I was preparing for tomorrow’s blog post by doing some last minute research when I came across a website with Tommy...

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River Oaks and Downtown Redevelopment

The whole argument for the ballpark was that it was going to be the catalyst for the city’s economic development. As a matter of fact, most politicians, if not all, have embraced the lie...

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The It’s All Good El Paso Conspiracy

“There is something in the air.” A conspiracy was created in 2000 to drive El Paso into bankruptcy. It is the public policy agenda that is driving El Paso into bankruptcy. As promised earlier...

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The San Jacinto Bathroom

Politicians are known for contorting themselves into so many positions on a political issue that in no time they are so twisted out of shape that a pretzel looks straight compared to them. Last...

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