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Watch Out for Fake Microsoft Support Calls

On Wednesday, I received an urgent call on my business line telling me “Dear customer your computer is at risk. We are receiving errors and warning messages from your computer. Please press one to...


The Children’s Hospital, UMC and the Ballpark

One of the things that politicians, like Veronica Escobar and her cohorts, use to hoodwink the community is the news media’s inability to provide you with current, relevant and context-based news. This is because...


Open Records Request Update

As you may remember, on October 9, 2013 I posted “Is the City Playing Games with Open Records?” In that post, and the previous one; “Money Orders and the City of El Paso” I...

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The Anatomy of the Corruption Con Job

For years we have always heard how corruption in El Paso is rampant and the corruptors always seem to get away with it. Some celebrated when the much touted public corruption cases were launched...

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