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The Soviet Assassin in Mexico

At about 5:30 in the afternoon on August 20, 1940, a blood-curdling scream was heard coming from the nearby home office. This was followed by more screams and scuffling. Within a minute, or two,...


How Kompromat Works

To understand the Russian affair with Donald Trump it is important to understand how kompromat works. Kompromat is two Russian words, compromising materials, put together. It is the art of blackmail, using information to...


Foreign Agent in Donald Trump’s Circle

The Donald Trump apologists have been circling the wagons around the notion that the left and the Democrats have launched a sustained attack on the Donald Trump presidency through corrupt news media and fake...


Donald Trump and The Russians

Donald Trump supporters can generally be characterized as patriots. As a matter of fact, they seem to gravitate towards Trump’s America First doctrine. Because of this I am somewhat amazed that Trump supporters seem...

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