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China is Our Friend, Mexico is Not

Yesterday we looked at the Carrier deal and how it is nothing more than a saving jobs smoke-and-mirror narrative. As we saw, Donald Trump bribed Carrier $14,830 per job it kept in Indiana. We...


The Carrier Job Deal

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by demonizing México and Mexicans. Among the many disparaging remarks by Trump about México, was the notion that México was to blame for the loss of jobs in...


The Criminal Investigation of Donald Trump

The issue is not whether Donald Trump is under criminal investigation or not, but rather that we are having this discussion at all. The President of the United States represents the people of the...


Stop Labeling Me

All politics carries with it spinmeisters whose task it is to create alternative versions of the facts that serve their masters. Donald Trump is not unique in this. The problem with spinmeisters is that...

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