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Car Shoppers Still Buying Mexican Made Cars

Also lost in the noise and the distractions about the Russian scandal and healthcare reform is another little piece of information that Donald Trump and his supporters do not want you to notice. In...


NAFTA Negotiations

As you likely remember, Donald Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the worst trade deal the United States has entered. During his presidential campaign, Trump argued he was going to end...


The Emasculation of Donald Trump

Whether you believe that the Russian scandal is a “witch hunt” or the search for the truth, there is one reality that must be accepted by all. The Donald Trump administration has been emasculated...


Pardon Me?

The Washington Post reported late on Thursday, July 20, that unnamed sources had indicated that Donald Trump had inquired of his lawyers the extent of his power to pardon criminals. Typically, the sources remain...


Top Ten Commander-in-Chief Trump Failures

The United States military spends a great amount of time building leadership qualities within its ranks. Donald Trump, as the elected president of the United States, is the commander-in-chief of all U.S. military forces....

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