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Car Shoppers Still Buying Mexican Made Cars

Also lost in the noise and the distractions about the Russian scandal and healthcare reform is another little piece of information that Donald Trump and his supporters do not want you to notice. In...


NAFTA Negotiations

As you likely remember, Donald Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the worst trade deal the United States has entered. During his presidential campaign, Trump argued he was going to end...


Piercing Through the Fog of the Trump Jr. Emails

As with all political intrigue, the recent release of the Donald Trump Jr. emails regarding his meeting with the Russian attorney has been overwhelmed with both political spectrum sides trying to dominate the narrative....


Mexican Spitfire Pilot in World War II

It is a small church in Normandy. Like many contemporary churches of its time, it has an attached grave yard. The Sassy Churchyard is in Sassy village, which is about six miles (11 kilometers)...

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