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Why Immigration is Personal to Me

Some of you may not know I am an immigrant, as well as a citizen of Mexico and a resident of the United States. I am the only foreign citizen in my nuclear family....


The Tradition of Self-Defense Groups in Mexico

One of the biggest gripes that I have about the news media, in general, is the overuse of the so-called “experts” on issues that are nothing more than self-serving self-promoting talking heads. The self-proclaimed...


Barrio Aztecas and the Safest City Lie

Many of you still believe the lie being perpetuated by the community’s elite that El Paso is the safest city in the nation. Although I have already pointed out that the FBI discourages the...


Mexico at the Winter Olympics, Say What?

Yes, its true, Mexico is at the 2014 Winter Olympics being represented by a prince. Say what, a prince is representing Mexico at the Olympics? Many individuals underestimate Mexico based on erroneous notions driven...


Dia de Los Muertos

In my blog post; “The Flavor of Mexican Catholicism: An Ongoing Rebellion” I shared with you my notion that Mexican Catholicism is its own flavor tacitly allowed by the Catholic Church in order to...