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Foreign Aid from Mexico to the United States

On Friday, we looked at the number of countries that have received Mexican foreign relief in response to disasters. The notion has been that México takes and never gives back. As Friday’s post demonstrated,...


What Has Mexico Ever Done for Us?

What has México ever done for us is the number one question I get when discussing U.S.-México relations and immigration issues. A narrative has been allowed to exist where México is portrayed as needy...


Mexico Offers Help, Trump Tweets

To understand how dangerous Donald Trump is you just need to look at his tweeting during the catastrophic suffering going on in Houston today. Hurricane Harvey has caused much damage to Texas and especially...


Mexican Spitfire Pilot in World War II

It is a small church in Normandy. Like many contemporary churches of its time, it has an attached grave yard. The Sassy Churchyard is in Sassy village, which is about six miles (11 kilometers)...

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