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The KVIA Mayoral Candidate Debate Controversy

Last week there was some controversy regarding KVIA’s decision to limit their mayoral debates to the top three mayoral candidates that have raised the most money. It was a controversy about the news media’s...


The Ethics and Hypocrisy of Jim Tolbert

Jim Tolbert filed an ethics complaint against Larry Romero complaining about Romero’s lack of ethics at city council. Those of you who are longtime readers of my blog know that the single most annoying...


Jim Tolbert and the Art of Hypocrisy About Transparency

During city council’s discussion (item 33.1) last week about Cortney Niland asking that the city rescind its prohibition of electronic devices at the city dais during city council meetings, there was another elected official...


District Two Election – May 7, 2016

As you most likely know there is an election tomorrow to elect someone to replace Larry Romero. Some of you have commented that I haven’t written about the candidates. The reason I haven’t written...

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