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Ronald Reagan and Open Borders

Many conservatives in the United States like to channel Ronald Reagan as the image of the “America First” doctrine and true U.S.-centric conservatism. This narrative is part of the fiction that is driving today’s...


The Assimilated Immigrant Lie

A reader recently sent me a link to a YouTube video expressing the difference between an assimilated immigrant and one that is not. It does not matter who the reader is because the video...


Donald Trump Voters Regretting Their Trump Vote

When the immigration debate reached a crescendo during the election, I and many others started to witness the rise in hate speech and crimes against immigrants in the United States. Against this backdrop, many...


Undocumented Immigrants Are Not All Criminals

Most of the vocal narrative about undocumented immigrants is surrounded by many falsehoods that is perpetuated to support the notion that undocumented immigrants are criminals. The use of the word “illegal” and the notion...


Donald Trump Pivots on Immigration

Besides the new Donald Trump with a kinder tone that emerged from Tuesday’s speech before a joint session of congress, there is a new immigration position in the Trump administration. Prior to Tuesday’s speech,...

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