Tagged: immigration reform


Total Eclipse of the Sun

Today is a unique day and for that reason I’m not in the mood to discuss politics. Ok, I lied about the politics part. As you likely know, today there will be a total...


Merit Based Immigration Exposes Duplicity

Many of you reading this today likely know that Donald Trump embraced a merit based immigration policy that was proposed by Tom Cotton and David Perdue, both Republicans. Before we go further into this...


Joe Arpaio is a Criminal

Those opposed to immigrants tend to dehumanize them so that they can demonize them by labeling with various labels. It is far easier to hate someone when you demonize them beforehand. Undocumented immigrants are...


The Immorality of Veronica Escobar

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with immigration issues, especially about Mexican immigrants, is the constant misuse of the immigrant narrative by politicians. It is difficult enough having to dispel the many...

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