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The Path to Citizenship: A Dreamer Case Scenario

As the DACA debate intensifies there is one constant and misleading accusation being made against the Dreamers. Some assume that the Dreamers are either too lazy or refuse to immigrate “the right way”. This...


Exposing the DACA Lies

Every time there is a debate about immigration reform there are numerous figures thrown out as fact. Arguments are made based on false facts and narratives to push forth the agenda that immigrants are...


Donald Trump Did the Right Thing on DACA

As you likely know by now, Donald Trump began phasing out the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals program on Tuesday (DACA). DACA was implemented by Barack Obama in 2012 as a stop-gap measure to address...


Mexican Labor

There are two major issues driving the debate about limiting immigration to the country. The first is the cultural identity of the country. Some fear that the changing cultural face of the country brought...


What Has Mexico Ever Done for Us?

What has México ever done for us is the number one question I get when discussing U.S.-México relations and immigration issues. A narrative has been allowed to exist where México is portrayed as needy...

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