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The SB4 El Paso Lawsuit Lie

Last week, the County of El Paso voted to sue the State of Texas over SB4, the so-called sanctuary cities legislation, recently enacted by Texas. The Texas bill makes it a Class A misdemeanor...


Mexican Engineers for Tesla

Most people believe the false narrative about Mexicans that involves siestas and menial jobs. When I point out that color television was invented by a Mexican, Guillermo González Camarena, the normal retort is no...


Ronald Reagan and Open Borders

Many conservatives in the United States like to channel Ronald Reagan as the image of the “America First” doctrine and true U.S.-centric conservatism. This narrative is part of the fiction that is driving today’s...


The Assimilated Immigrant Lie

A reader recently sent me a link to a YouTube video expressing the difference between an assimilated immigrant and one that is not. It does not matter who the reader is because the video...

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