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The Hispanic and Mexican Disconnect

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to correct the false narratives about México is the wrongly used term: Mexicans – for people who are U.S. citizens but are of Hispanic, or Latino...


Shootout at the Durangito

As many of you know there is an ongoing battle over the Durangito community and the proposed El Paso arena. It all revolves around whether a neighborhood should be displaced to make room for...


An El Paso Identity Crisis

As I made my way down the jet way on Monday, I stopped dead on my tracks. Right there, on the jet way wall was a simple message that epitomized El Paso’s identity crisis....


Pope Visit Exposes El Paso Cultural War

The Pope’s upcoming visit to Cd. Juárez exposes the cultural war against Latinos/Hispanics that has been going on for a number of years now. What? El Paso is over 80% Hispanic, how can there...


Cultural Center Update

You might notice that the title of my blog post today does not include “Hispanic,” “Mexican-American” or other designation because the naming of the proposed cultural center is still up in the air. City...

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