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The Donald Trump Russian Dossier

As many of you know, last Tuesday night, Buzzfeed released an alleged Russian intelligence report on Donald Trump. (You can access the raw intelligence report at this link) Many of the news media has...


The Mexico Question Post Trump

The Donald Trump presidential campaign included many promises of what Trump plans to implement across the nation. Some readers have commented that Trump made statements to get himself elected and others voted for him...


The Improbable Election

(1st, update at 06:50ET with new map) (2nd, update at 08:59ET to correct electoral vote totals on second map) Last night was a nail biter for me, for both presidential campaigns and for most...


Today is the Day – 2016

Today is the day that many questions will be answered including the most important one – who will be next president of the United States. As you know, it is my sincere hope that...

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