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Operation Intercept

On the afternoon of Sunday, September 21, 1969 the México-U.S. borders suddenly came to an abrupt standstill. The United States had launched Operation Intercept, a U.S. attempt to end the marihuana smuggling problem into...


Mexico and the Russians

One of the things that bothers me the most about the ongoing antagonism from Donald Trump against México is that Trump would rather antagonize a friend then to hold enemies accountable. Trump has no...


How Kompromat Works

To understand the Russian affair with Donald Trump it is important to understand how kompromat works. Kompromat is two Russian words, compromising materials, put together. It is the art of blackmail, using information to...


Again, The Wall Will Not be Built

Unless you are living under a rock then you likely know that a special counsel was appointed on Wednesday to investigate allegations of Russian influence over the 2016 election. Hold you pitchforks for a...


Trump Bluffs on NAFTA

In late April, various rumors of a draft memorandum from the Donald Trump administration notifying Congress that the United States intended to withdraw from NAFTA began to appear. Then on April 27, 2017, Donald...

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