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City Manager and Taxes

The discussion on taxes and fees disguised as taxes have been the focus of community discussion the last few months as a result of the sobering fact that city and county revenues are not...

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Juveniles at City Council

Many El Pasoans continually decry about how the rest of the state and now the nation looks upon the city as nothing more than a joke. Many of the readers to my blog complain...

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Why Immigration is Personal to Me

Some of you may not know I am an immigrant, as well as a citizen of Mexico and a resident of the United States. I am the only foreign citizen in my nuclear family....

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Did Claudia Ordaz Violate Election Law?

As you all know, the State of Texas makes it a crime to knowingly accept a campaign donation from a corporation. Texas Title 15, Chapter 253 prohibits corporations from making contributions to political candidates....