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Candidate Profile Claudia Ordaz

Claudia Ordaz (incumbent) Campaign Treasurer: Maria Ramos Website: http://www.claudiaordaz.com Email: none Telephone: +1 915 929 9065 Age: 29 Occupation: Incumbent Candidate Informational Narrative: Claudia Ordaz was born and raised in El Paso. She previously...

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Candidate Profile Michael Pickett

Michael Pickett Campaign Treasurer: Elizabeth M. Michele Pickett Website: none Email: none Telephone: +1 915 525 1264 Age: 40 Occupation: M2 Improvements Owner Candidate Informational Narrative: There is very little information about Michael Pickett....

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May 2015 30-day Report Analysis District 5

Total campaign contributions raised in this district: $14,191.00 This district’s percentage of all monies raised in this reporting period: 8.49% Ranking of candidates by contributions: 1. Michiel Noe $10,650 [incumbent] 2. Rosa Cabrera $3,541...

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Candidate Profile Rosa Maria Cabrera

Rosa Maria Cabrera (Rosa Arellano) Campaign Treasurer: Juan Pablo Corchado, Jr. Website: http://www.rosecabrera.com Email: none Telephone: +1 915 703 8278 Age: 35 Occupation: Director of Dame La Mano Crisis Pregnancy Center Candidate Informational Narrative:...

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May 2015 30-day Report Analysis District 1

Author’s note: Those that have being following recent political commentary at the national level know that the issue of campaign financing has been a subject of much discussion. As you likely know, El Paso...

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