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Donald Trump is a Failed Businessman

As you know, I have a problem with Donald Trump in that he believes Mexicans, like me, are nothing more than rapists. I am not a rapist and as a matter of fact, I...

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The Coward That Is Donald Trump

I am used to all sorts of idiocy emanating from politicians as they pander to their political base. It is expected in politics as elections begin to heat up. As with everything there are...

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What the Peter Svarzbein Win Means

As you likely already know, Peter Svarzbein is the new District 1 representative at the El Paso City Council. Svarzbein won the runoff by 431 votes, out of 4,065 cast, according to the unofficial...

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District One Runoff Has Bad Choices

The District 1 Runoff election between Albert Weisenberger and Peter Svarzbien scheduled for June 13, 2015 does not have any good choices for the taxpayers of El Paso. Both candidates seem to embrace spending...

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Voters Do Not Trust Cortney Niland

The El Paso Times, masquerading as a newspaper, tried and failed to get a comment from Cortney Niland for the election results coverage. It was not the paper’s fault but the poignant realization by...

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