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sic-review 2

My Observations About the Sicario Movie

**Spoiler Alert** If you are planning on seeing the movie then stop reading now, I cannot comment about the movie without revealing some of the plot. Before you go, just know that obviously Peter...

redr-upset 14

A Reader is Upset About My Grammar

Apparently, I have a knack of upsetting many individuals that read my blog for many different reasons. Obviously, upsetting politicos is part of the blogging game. That comes with the territory. Upsetting readers is...

fer-mig-fo 11

The Miguel Fernandez DWI Arrest

As I have been showing you for a number of years, there are two classes of people in El Paso. You have the well-connected individuals that receive special treatment from law enforcement and the...

moore-ordaz-rpt 3

The Silence is Deafening

It does not matter what you believe the Claudia Ordaz texts reveal. Whether you believe they are nothing more than a political embarrassment or they reveal serious problems at the city, I believe we...

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