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Where Was Peter Svarzbein

Peter Svarzbein recently organized a “discussion round table” around the movie Sicario in the mistaken belief that a city is defined by a Hollywood movie. Most of us understand that Svarzbein’s movie pontification was...

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My Observations About the Sicario Movie

**Spoiler Alert** If you are planning on seeing the movie then stop reading now, I cannot comment about the movie without revealing some of the plot. Before you go, just know that obviously Peter...

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The Miguel Fernandez DWI Arrest

As I have been showing you for a number of years, there are two classes of people in El Paso. You have the well-connected individuals that receive special treatment from law enforcement and the...

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An Update on my Blogging

Borrowing from Google’s Alphabet I have added a new way to get to my blog. I have also incorporated the Alphabet concept so that I can easier answer the question; exactly what do I...

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