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An Update on my Blogging

Borrowing from Google’s Alphabet I have added a new way to get to my blog. I have also incorporated the Alphabet concept so that I can easier answer the question; exactly what do I...

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Will “El Chapo” Be Caught?

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the most trending topic on social media is the dramatic prison escape by Joaquín Guzmán Loera aka El Chapo from a Mexican prison. I...

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UpLift Artwork Exposes El Paso Lie

When I first wrote about the de-Mexicanization of El Paso some you turned it into a race issue that it is not. The de-Mexicanization of El Paso has nothing to do with skin color...

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El Paso is the Cause of Juarez Blood

My comments yesterday about the murder-suicide at the Ft. Bliss Veteran’s Center and Monday’s post about my contention that El Paso is corrupt to the core elicited some comments pointing out the homicide rate in...

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