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El Paso Scandals

Over the years I have been developing an online data set of the various scandals that have plagued El Paso for decades. Much of it is corruption related. As I have written previously, the...


Rosemary Castillo and Inconvenient Questions

On Wednesday, I discussed the issue of Sam Legate and conflict of interest. Yesterday I delved into Jim Valenti‘s part in this mess. Today, I want to delve a little into another individual intimately...


The US Attorney and El Paso Public Corruption

One of the largest criticisms that I receive is that I’m always pointing out El Paso’ rampant corruption while ignoring the city’s “safest city” designation. The criticisms center on the notion that I hate...

Steve Ortega to Fill County Vacancy? 0

Steve Ortega to Fill County Vacancy?

The untimely death of County Commissioner Dan Haggerty has opened up an opportunity for Veronica Escobar to fulfill her public policy agenda. In 2008, Veronica Escobar, then a County Commissioner, asked then County Attorney...

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