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Merit Based Immigration Exposes Duplicity

Many of you reading this today likely know that Donald Trump embraced a merit based immigration policy that was proposed by Tom Cotton and David Perdue, both Republicans. Before we go further into this...


The War on Culture

What many do not seem to understand about Donald Trump’s nativist politics is that he mainstreamed the war on culture against minorities – specifically Mexican-Americans – that started in the late 1970’s. The issue...


The Hispanic and Mexican Disconnect

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to correct the false narratives about México is the wrongly used term: Mexicans – for people who are U.S. citizens but are of Hispanic, or Latino...


Shootout at the Durangito

As many of you know there is an ongoing battle over the Durangito community and the proposed El Paso arena. It all revolves around whether a neighborhood should be displaced to make room for...


White Privilege and Donald Trump

As expected the immigration debate has dominated the national political scene, most of it led by Donald Trump. Which is appropriate because Donald Trump represents the “white privilege” minority. There are two things that...

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