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Here Is a Simple Idea for EPISD

Today I am going to share with you a simple idea for the EPISD building woes and tax needs. It is a simple idea that would save the taxpayers money and it makes sense....

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If There is Smoke There Must be Fire

  The fact is that although this phrase is in the common vernacular it is not exactly true. There are many instances where smoke does not signify there is a fire. However, appearance is...

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The UMC Tax Hike Conspiracy

When the El Paso Children’s Hospital debacle first surfaced, I wrote a blog post letting you know that the end result would be higher taxes for you. Even though I already knew a tax...

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El Paso is the Cause of Juarez Blood

My comments yesterday about the murder-suicide at the Ft. Bliss Veteran’s Center and Monday’s post about my contention that El Paso is corrupt to the core elicited some comments pointing out the homicide rate in...

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