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El Paso Corruption and the Two-Party System

My New Year’s post elicited some interesting comments. Apparently tying the El Paso corruption to Donald Trump’s corruption is misguided because El Paso is predominantly run by the Democrats. The two party-system is dead....


Happy New Year 2017

It is very appropriate that I closed out the year on my blog by writing about the latest example of corruption in El Paso. It is the corruption, after all, that launched my blog....


El Paso – the Microcosm of US-Mexico

There appears to be some confusion about the various topics that I choose to write about on my blog. Some readers have been taken aback by my missives about Donald Trump while the new...


The Protected Class

Yesterday I shared with you the three cases of assault that have been documented against Ann Morgan Lilly and her husband, “Rut”. Today, I am going to show you how the corruption in El...

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