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Adrian Pena to Answer Questions on Monday

Last Tuesday, August 18, Adrian Peña pleaded guilty to public corruption charges for a second time. In 2010, Adrian Peña had pled guilty to public corruption charges however; the appeals court reversed his guilty...


Marc Schwartz

One of the things about political shenanigans that has always intrigued and bothered me is that many people whisper about them while nothing seems to be done about it. For many years, I kept...


Poisoned Pawns Convicts and Named Individuals

Operation Poisoned Pawns is an FBI investigation into public corruption in El Paso Texas that began around 2004. The FBI nationally began focusing on public corruption cases around 2004 as it shifted its focus...

Poisoned Pawns Link Chart - April 2014 Version 1

Poisoned Pawns Link Chart

As I wrote yesterday, I have been developing a link chart of everyone involved in the Poisoned Pawns public corruption investigation. Because many of the court records remain sealed I have had to plug...

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