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The Gandara Bribery

When is bribery not bribery? Many of us who follow politics closely have a hard time understanding what the line between bribery and politics is. The recent Hillary Clinton pay-to-play controversy exasperated the dividing...


There is no Rule of Law in the US

One of the most difficult things that I have had to understand is that the US legal system is about theory and not a clear legal framework for all. A lawyer postures a legal...


Connecting the Cortinas Dots

As you all know, I like to connect the political and corrupt dots for you. In today’s edition I am going to show you how engrained the political system is in El Paso. It...


Robert Almonte and the Culture of Corruption

I have written previously about the culture of corruption that permeates through the psyche of El Paso politicos. It is this culture that allows the political shenanigans to continue unimpeded. The El Paso community...

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