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Questionable City Council Appointments

For many years now, I have been connecting the dots for you between various characters that consistently remerge on the El Paso political scene. Many of these characters are clouded in controversy. It is...

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You Thought Crime Does Not Pay

Many of us have gone through life thinking that crime does not pay, although the evidence around us suggests otherwise. Take, for example, Lorenzo Garcia. As you know, he is the former El Paso...

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The It’s All Good El Paso Conspiracy

“There is something in the air.” A conspiracy was created in 2000 to drive El Paso into bankruptcy. It is the public policy agenda that is driving El Paso into bankruptcy. As promised earlier...

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Myrna Gamboa’s Priorities are Skewed

As most of you know, last week Myrna Gamboa was sentenced for her role in the EPISD cheating scandal. I am not particularly interested in the Gamboa sentencing, as the issue has been amply...

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