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Paid Protestors in El Paso Today

As you know, I oppose Donald Trump’s administration because of the hate he has expressed towards Mexicans. However, there is a difference between protesting to point out an issue and being paid to protest....


Total Eclipse of the Sun

Today is a unique day and for that reason I’m not in the mood to discuss politics. Ok, I lied about the politics part. As you likely know, today there will be a total...


Doubling Down on Slavery

Yesterday’s post about slavery elicited very strong emotions from my readers. Emails, telephone calls and a couple of comments on the blog showed the displeasure of many readers. Like Donald Trump often does, today...


Court Says No to Sports Arena, But is it Dead

Yesterday, Judge Amy Clark Meachum of Travis County delivered a blow to the proponents of a sports arena for downtown who had intended to use the 2012 bond money for a multi-purpose performing arts...

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