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The Malfeasance of the El Paso Times

Some of you may have noticed that on Thursday, November 19, 2015, the El Paso Times published an article about the firing of Steve Norwood, the county’s first county administrator. The local newspaper published...

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Did You Notice the Pattern?

Many of you are aware that the El Paso Times and KVIA reported on the higher than expected costs the City has paid for the ballpark. According to Maria Garcia’s report on KVIA on...

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I Must Hate Mexicans

I am used to getting all sorts of emails and communications about controversial blogs. It is not surprising that Monday’s blog resulted in the many normal comments that I get. They range from “thanks...

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The Fresas are Here

You may have noticed something missing in my write up yesterday about Miguel Fernandez. It is that, other than the individual making the complaint, there is not any corroborating evidence. The problem with corruption...

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