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How México Can Begin to Retaliate Against Trump

México finds itself in the crosshairs of Donald Trump’s political agenda. Trump is clear that he has nothing but animosity towards México and the Mexican people. As such, the Mexican government must start looking...


The Canutillo School District NIMBYs

The Canutillo School District, led by board president Laure Searls, is the latest public entity opposed to poor people in their neighborhood. NIMBY, or Not In My Back Yard, has been an ongoing problem...


Cortney Niland, Duranguito and Run for Mayor

In recent weeks, there has been much speculation about Cortney Niland’s absence from city hall and her abrupt decision to not run for mayor. I have received many requests for details and information and...


El Paso, We Have a Problem

Many are celebrating the politics of Donald Trump, including many in El Paso. As dangerous as the Trump politics are to the nation and to the world, El Paso will feel the ramifications the...

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