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Mexico and the Russians

One of the things that bothers me the most about the ongoing antagonism from Donald Trump against México is that Trump would rather antagonize a friend then to hold enemies accountable. Trump has no...


Again, The Wall Will Not be Built

Unless you are living under a rock then you likely know that a special counsel was appointed on Wednesday to investigate allegations of Russian influence over the 2016 election. Hold you pitchforks for a...


The Hispanic and Mexican Disconnect

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to correct the false narratives about México is the wrongly used term: Mexicans – for people who are U.S. citizens but are of Hispanic, or Latino...


The City Wins Because They Keep Us Divided

The City of El Paso has become adept at minimizing citizen obstruction of its pet projects. Citizen referendums are blocked via bureaucracy and through intimidation via litigation. Citizens have resorted to filing court cases...

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