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Santa Muerte Should Not Surprise Anyone

I found it interesting that the El Paso Times had a piece about the Pope’s recent visit and the rise of the worship of the Santa Muerte in Mexico. Any understanding of Mexican culture...


Pope Should Address Narcolimosnas

I have been slowly developing a nexus for you between corrupt acts that are seldom discussed publicly and drug trafficking as well as public corruption. When discussing corruption, many individuals are under the impression...


Ostracizing Michael Rodriguez Part 4

Note: This concludes the four-part series. If you like, you can download the entire essay as an Ebook by scrolling to the bottom of this page. It started out as a case of two...


The Philip Briganti Case – Part III

The November 21, 2011 memorandum by the Mendham Borough Police Department gets right to the point. It reads, “Father Briganti was the victim in this case. Our investigation found that all the communications were...

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