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The Facts: the US-Mexico Border and Terrorists

While Rick Perry mobilizes his weekend warriors to “protect” the border from terrorism and Barack Obama plays immigration politics, the real danger is materializing in the middle of the US heartland. Fringe extremists and...


The Conspiracy Sealed in Blood: Part III of III

In 2008, the homicide rate in Juárez dramatically increased as a result of Mexican counter-narcotics operations against the Juárez cartel. Although many speculate that the rise in violence was because another cartel was challenging...


The Conspiracy Sealed in Blood: Part II of III

For brevity sake, I’m only focusing on the examples with relevance in today’s El Paso politics although in my upcoming book I will offer you a more detailed development of my thesis. By the...


The Conspiracy Sealed in Blood: Part I of III

Author’s note: Because of the length of the article, I have decided to divide into three consecutive daily sections starting today. For those that do not want to wait for the series to be...

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