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Claudia Ordaz’ Revenge

I have to hand it to Claudia Ordaz. She made a very politically savvy move that politically and personally benefits her. As you know, tomorrow, city council is set to revisit Tommy Gonzalez’s pay...


The City Manager Pay Increase

As you likely know, Tommy Gonzalez, the city’s City Manager, was awarded a $61,040 pay raise by city council on Tuesday. To write that the community is indignant is an understatement. Universally the distaste...


City Takes First Step in Construction Wage Theft

Yesterday at the city council meeting, the city representatives discussed and took action on an alleged wage theft incident on a Sun Metro project. City council voted unanimously that “after conducting an investigation, has...


Limon and Robinson Throw a Party

Every day I get three to four emails with leads about political issues at the city that readers want me to address on my blog. Some of the leads provide detailed information and some...

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