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David Karlsruher Lies to Protect Niland

Through many posts now I have showed you how bloggers like David Karlsruher are tasked with manufacturing public perception in order to secure the political futures of certain politicians. Masking the facts through innuendo...

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David Crowder and Journalistic Standards

One of my biggest problems with journalism, as it is practiced in El Paso, is the lack of basic fairness and integrity by several publications. There is no doubt that journalism is in flux...


The Cost of Transparency

The last few weeks I have been organizing my financial transactions for last year in preparation for filing my tax returns. In so doing I looked at what it cost me in 2013 to...


Blogs: Paid For Political Advertisement

Some readers privately asked me an interesting question about free speech and political advertisements in elections. One reader posted a comment on “Ethics and The Forma Group” that succinctly asked a very important and...