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El Paso Metro Weekly Byte: February 12, 2002 0

El Paso Metro Weekly Byte: February 12, 2002

Welcome to El Paso Metro’s week in review. This section is updated every Tuesday night. City Council Review Approved the hiring an outside consultant, a Mexican attorney, to help the City interpret Mexican law...

Bizarre Hokum Illusion (BHI) 0

Bizarre Hokum Illusion (BHI)

By Jaime O. Perez, El Paso Metro There has been a constant barrage of criticism regarding the lack of a comprehensive plan for a Border Health Institute (BHI) and the efforts by Mayor Ray...

County is Wonderful 0

County is Wonderful

By Armando Castellanos, El Paso Metro If County Judge Dolores Briones is to be believed, the state of the County is as close to Heaven as humanly possible.  Just look at the evidence: The...

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