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Custom Social Media Graphics

It has come to my attention that Jaime Abeytia finds the graphics of my blog rather offensive. I’m sure his feelings are based on the fact that his arrest mug figures prominently on some...

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Open Records and Latest Responses

As a result of the musical chairs debacle and other online misinformation campaigns, I submitted various open records requests with the city in order to attempt to ascertain what the facts were and what...

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The Thank An Immigrant Viral Campaign

For far too long the promise of immigration reform has been kept on the back burner. President Obama made immigration reform a priority for his administration. Unfortunately, for many reasons but basically because he...

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It Is About the Hypocrisy

Last week I received an email from an individual that reminded me that I had promised anonymity. The individual wanted to reason with me about what topics I write about on my blog. I...

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