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Donald Trump 100-Day Scorecard

By now you know that Donald Trump’s first 100-days in office ended last Saturday. On October 23, 2016, when Donald Trump was still a candidate, he declared a Contract with the American Voter outlining...


The KVIA Mayoral Candidate Debate Controversy

Last week there was some controversy regarding KVIA’s decision to limit their mayoral debates to the top three mayoral candidates that have raised the most money. It was a controversy about the news media’s...


Donald Trump Backtracks on NAFTA

As expected, Donald Trump is now backtracking on doing away with NAFTA, or substantially renegotiating it, as he promised during the campaign. This is because the reality of NAFTA sobered up his political rhetoric...


David Crowder and the Politics of News

The single most important issue that I have been focused on in my blog since its inception is my belief that the high level of El Paso corruption and ineptitude, that has led to...


Undocumented Immigrants Are Not All Criminals

Most of the vocal narrative about undocumented immigrants is surrounded by many falsehoods that is perpetuated to support the notion that undocumented immigrants are criminals. The use of the word “illegal” and the notion...

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