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The Path to Citizenship: A Dreamer Case Scenario

As the DACA debate intensifies there is one constant and misleading accusation being made against the Dreamers. Some assume that the Dreamers are either too lazy or refuse to immigrate “the right way”. This...


Post Hurricane Irma Quick Notes

Well, we still don’t have electricity which means the Internet is cellular based, which is slow and sporadic at best. Without electricity I need to carefully ration my use of the tablet and smart...


No Post Today Due To Irma

Due to Hurricane Irma there will be no post today on the blog. Although we are all safe and there is no serious property damage, we have been without electricity since Sunday at about...


The Equifax Hack and Corporate Irresponsibility

Most of you are likely aware that Equifax, one of three credit reporting agencies in the United States, reported that about 143 million individuals may have had their personal identity and credit information breached...

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