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News and opinion on technology and the future of the Internet.


Marketing Continues to Fail in 2017

Marketers are one of the few businesses that sell products based on unfulfilled promises of success. Every business from micro to fortune 500 are inundated by newspapers, television stations, publications and all sorts of...


I’ve Been Apple-Sized

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there was a PC war going on. In reality, it was two PC wars. The first was between IBM and companies, like Compaq, that were making...


Donald Trump Wins Even if He Loses

As you likely know, it is my fervent hope that Donald Trump loses on November 8. As I have written before, my hope for his loss is based on his words against Mexicans, like...


My Apple Watch Series 2 Experience

Last Friday, I finally put on the new Apple Watch Series 2 and I wanted to share my experiences with you. Over the last few years I have been relying on the Internet to...


A Public Documents Archive

Some of you may have noticed that the site, where I was storing open records documents, is no longer working. Unfortunately, I was in a rush a few days ago and I inadvertently...

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