Category: Politics


Trump Dealmaker and Healthcare Failure

Even when I was secretly hoping that Donald Trump would deliver on one of his key promises, he nonetheless leaves me hanging. Alas, I’m still going to pay an annual fine for not complying...


The Trump Administration Desperation

The recent release of the Donald Trump Jr. emails regarding the meeting between Trump surrogates and Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, has the Trump administration in desperation. Surrogates are in denial but the evidence is...


It’s the Emails Dummy

During the controversy over the El Paso ballpark there were many rumors about impropriety. Many were true and others were wrong. One of the longest running controversies involved the improper election interference benefiting Steve...


The Trump Wall Paid for by America

The House Republicans released the Homeland Security funding bill on Tuesday. In it there are $1.6 Billion to fund the U.S.-México border wall. This is only the initial amount requested by the Trump administration....


Our Peculiar Institution

Slavery nestled deep in the psyche of the United States. It is as much a part of the fabric of the country as is the Declaration of Independence. Slavery and the belief that “all...

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