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The El Paso Paternalism Example

In leadership class I was taught that effective leadership is driven by example. If you want underlings to follow you, you lead by example. That was driven into our heads from the very first...

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Veronica Escobar Adds Vote To City

As you all likely know, yesterday Jim Tolbert was sworn into office and took his seat at the city council chambers. I recently pointed out that Jim Tolbert is an extension of Susie Byrd,...

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Impunity in El Paso

There are two standards of law in El Paso. That is the unmistakable fact that the Whataburger Incident has proven. I have previously written about this, but until the release of the report about...

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The Tolbert Agenda

Today, I am faced with having to discard the post I had ready to go for today. Instead I am writing a new one because Jim Tolbert undeniably pulled off an unexpected win on...

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District Two Election – May 7, 2016

As you most likely know there is an election tomorrow to elect someone to replace Larry Romero. Some of you have commented that I haven’t written about the candidates. The reason I haven’t written...

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