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Yo Soy Mexicano

I am a Mexican citizen and I live legally in the United States. That does not make me disloyal to the United States, nor does it make me “illegal”. That I have chosen to...

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The Latino Divide

Many argued that this election would showcase the Latino vote. Some argued that the Latino would unite against Donald Trump because of his attacks against Mexicans and other minorities. I even prepared some social...

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A Trump Presidency

(Counterpoint: The following is a guest editorial submitted by Barbara Carrasco. Occasionally, I will publish counterpoints submitted by readers to my blog. To be considered for a counterpoint, please send me your comments in...

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Mexico Bashing

It is not about skin color. I keep writing that but apparently, the racism label is so engrained that many do not seem to understand that the issue is not about skin color. It...

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My Fear of the Trump Presidency

I fear the Trump presidency because Donald Trump has made it acceptable to demonize Mexico and dehumanize immigrants. As I have written before, I have never felt discriminated against based on the color of...

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