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River Oaks and Downtown Redevelopment

The whole argument for the ballpark was that it was going to be the catalyst for the city’s economic development. As a matter of fact, most politicians, if not all, have embraced the lie...

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San Jacinto Plaza on City Council Agenda

As Diana Washington alerted us on Friday, city council has an item for “discussion and action on the construction of San Jacinto Plaza” for Tuesday’s meeting. There are actually two items, item 16.3 is...

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The Artificial El Paso Economic Scam

If you were not watching the city council meeting on Tuesday, you likely missed the discussion about “Lift Up El Paso” and a landscaping maintenance contract that was awarded on Tuesday. (This is the...

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District One Runoff Has Bad Choices

The District 1 Runoff election between Albert Weisenberger and Peter Svarzbien scheduled for June 13, 2015 does not have any good choices for the taxpayers of El Paso. Both candidates seem to embrace spending...

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UpLift Artwork Exposes El Paso Lie

When I first wrote about the de-Mexicanization of El Paso some you turned it into a race issue that it is not. The de-Mexicanization of El Paso has nothing to do with skin color...

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