Category: Politics


A Serious Question for Donald Trump Supporters

I have a serious question for some of the Donald Trump supporters who read my blog. My question is in regards to the numerous allegations that the Russians intervened in the recent presidential election. To...


The Donald Trump Russian Dossier

As many of you know, last Tuesday night, Buzzfeed released an alleged Russian intelligence report on Donald Trump. (You can access the raw intelligence report at this link) Many of the news media has...


How’s That Wall Working Out for You

Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office yet and I am already about to document the second lie he has told those that elected him on the promises that he would make for...


El Paso Corruption and the Two-Party System

My New Year’s post elicited some interesting comments. Apparently tying the El Paso corruption to Donald Trump’s corruption is misguided because El Paso is predominantly run by the Democrats. The two party-system is dead....


The Trump America First Farce No: 1

There is no doubt that the nation’s nativists had a big influence on the most recent presidential election. Nativists believe that the nation should come first before all others. Nativists want to limit immigration...

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