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Open Records and Latest Responses

As a result of the musical chairs debacle and other online misinformation campaigns, I submitted various open records requests with the city in order to attempt to ascertain what the facts were and what...

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Whole Foods and Typical El Paso

Typical El Paso, it acts nothing like the ninetieth largest city in the nation and more like a small town trying to be a city. Typically provincial, El Paso leaders and politicians celebrate the...

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Newspaper Tree Shuts Down Again

Yesterday, David Crowder at the El Paso Inc. reported that his former publication was shutting down once again. Anyone that has followed El Paso politics for a while now knows that the Newspaper Tree...

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Oh No, Not Cortney Niland Again!

I know what you are thinking, not Cortney Niland again! Some of you are about to freak out once again because I’m writing yet another piece about your favorite person. Oh, and if you...

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