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Blogging for Dollars

The more controversial the public agenda item the more the useful idiots expose their agendas in their attempts to control the public perception. The Tommy Gonzalez pay raise issue is one of those controversies...

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Claudia Ordaz’ Revenge

I have to hand it to Claudia Ordaz. She made a very politically savvy move that politically and personally benefits her. As you know, tomorrow, city council is set to revisit Tommy Gonzalez’s pay...

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Carlos Leon Is Surprised

Yesterday I shared with you how Vince Perez is trying to deflect attention away from the crux of the problem by the county in regards to how the county processes arrestees. There was one...

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Vince Perez and Political Deception

This is how political deception works. A politician starts the public discussion with the intent of achieving a desired goal. When facts get in the way, the politician defects the attention away from the...

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