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A Few Notes on Commenting

It seems like I have hit a few nerves and raised some blood pressures recently because of my blogging activities. That is a good thing because engagement is the name of the game. The...

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Rick Perry Scurries Back to Texas

The problem with letting politics dictate public policy is that eventually the reality forces the political rhetoric aside. Last week Rick Perry traveled to Europe in an attempt to foster his foreign policy credentials for...

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The Soccer Stadium Scam

Not content with abusing the taxpayers of the community through the ballpark swindle the cabal is at it again this time with a professional soccer team. Look past the glamour of sparkling soccer dreams...

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Cortney Niland Abuses Senior Citizen

As you are all aware, Cortney Niland has been sitting sandwiched in between Ann Morgan Lilly and Larry Romero for some time now because she refuses to sit in her assigned seat. There are...