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Other Texans Noticing the Trolley Fiasco

One of the things I am constantly accused of is being out of touch with reality. I regularly receive emails and messages telling me that I don’t understand the complexities of the actions taken...

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KVIA Report on City Losses for Ballpark

Last Friday, August 29, KVIA published an unattributed report on city losses for the ballpark. The report titled “First downtown ballpark season showing losses for city” points out that the taxpayers are going to...

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Typical El Paso Shoots Itself on the Foot

As is typical in El Paso instead of acknowledging the ever-changing reality of the evolving economy away from centralized sole-source services to decentralized multi-sourced services that result in higher expertise and lower costs – the...

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Trolley Politics

As El Paso city council wrestles with deteriorating streets and trying to keep taxes in check, they nonetheless continue to squander limited resources in the mistaken belief that if you apply enough lipstick on...