Category: Politics


The Assimilated Immigrant Lie

A reader recently sent me a link to a YouTube video expressing the difference between an assimilated immigrant and one that is not. It does not matter who the reader is because the video...


The Tax Pain of 2017

Like most of you, this week I am dealing with filing my taxes for 2016. I am not a U.S. citizen, but like most of you reading this today, I also file and pay...


Donald Trump Did the Right Thing About Syria

Yes, imagine that, I’m agreeing that Donald Trump did the right thing with bombing the Syrian airbase. It is important to separate the things Donald Trump does that need to be challenged from the...


Is NAFTA Good for El Paso?

Over the last two days we took a close look at NAFTA and the global trade between México and the United States. Many decry that NAFTA has destroyed jobs on both sides of the...


The Electorate of El Paso 2017

The upcoming May 2017 municipal elections include the same political characters and the same challengers mounting an unwinnable race. This is because at the core of El Paso remains an unpleasant truth about the...

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