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Foreign Aid from Mexico to the United States

On Friday, we looked at the number of countries that have received Mexican foreign relief in response to disasters. The notion has been that México takes and never gives back. As Friday’s post demonstrated,...


Mexican Labor

There are two major issues driving the debate about limiting immigration to the country. The first is the cultural identity of the country. Some fear that the changing cultural face of the country brought...


Paid Protestors in El Paso Today

As you know, I oppose Donald Trump’s administration because of the hate he has expressed towards Mexicans. However, there is a difference between protesting to point out an issue and being paid to protest....


Mexico Offers Help, Trump Tweets

To understand how dangerous Donald Trump is you just need to look at his tweeting during the catastrophic suffering going on in Houston today. Hurricane Harvey has caused much damage to Texas and especially...


The Trump Wall

The Wall is Donald Trump’s albatross around his neck. The Wall is the symbol of the Donald Trump administration. The Wall will define the Donald Trump administration now, and for many years to come....

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