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El Paso Children’s Hospital Debtor’s Plan

As many of you know, the El Paso Children’s Hospital filed its “Debtor’s Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization” late Wednesday night, the filing deadline. The news media has both reported the gist of the...

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Michiel Noe Innuendo

As you know, city representatives discussed ethics yesterday at city council. The issue of Larry Romero’s streets was glossed over with Romero remaining quiet during the discussion. Claudia Ordaz, for her part, took the...

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City Council Has An Opportunity to Clear Up Issues Today

City council is scheduled to discuss agenda item number: 19.1 that was postponed last week. The item, “Clarification of ethics rules/ordinances, including clarification on Council’s ability to interact with employees without violating ethics rules”...

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Corruption In El Paso

In 2004, an FBI agent started to investigate public corruption in El Paso. It started as an investigation into the activities of Bob Jones and it snowballed into the indictments and jailing of various...

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The Silence is Deafening

It does not matter what you believe the Claudia Ordaz texts reveal. Whether you believe they are nothing more than a political embarrassment or they reveal serious problems at the city, I believe we...

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