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Opinion and commentary on national and international politics and government affairs.


The KVIA Mayoral Candidate Debate Controversy

Last week there was some controversy regarding KVIA’s decision to limit their mayoral debates to the top three mayoral candidates that have raised the most money. It was a controversy about the news media’s...


Yankee Imperialism is Still Alive

This week I shared with you how the genesis of NAFTA was an investment bank’s attempt to take control of the Mexican oil. Yesterday, we looked at the arrival of México’s only fleet of...


The Mexican Tigers

The era of the supersonic fighters arrived in México in 1982 in the form of the new Defense Squadron 401 composed of a dozen Northrup F5 Tiger II’s: ten F5e single-seat and two F5f,...


Ronald Reagan and Open Borders

Many conservatives in the United States like to channel Ronald Reagan as the image of the “America First” doctrine and true U.S.-centric conservatism. This narrative is part of the fiction that is driving today’s...

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