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ve-conflag 4

Manufacturing Crisis to Deflect Attention

The bankruptcy testimony and depositions must be exposing Veronica Escobar’s dirty laundry to the public because, like all politicians who are attracting unwanted attention, she is looking to manufacture a crisis to distract you...

umc-fraud-bj 2

Court Testimony Exposes UMC Fraud

I have written various articles showing you how the El Paso Children’s Hospital was nothing more than a fraud perpetuated upon the taxpayers of the city. On Monday, the bankruptcy court held a hearing...

obs-th 5

A Few Quick Notes

As some of you know, I was traveling back home to Orlando from El Paso yesterday. I got home past midnight and, therefore, today I am just going to share a few quick observations...

ja-bond-scam 8

YISD Bond Scam and Jaime Abeytia

It seems I can never catch a break about having to write about the ongoing corruption in El Paso. I was hoping to focus on national politics today, but unfortunately, here we go again....

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