Category: Newsmedia


Trump Tweets Hypocrisy

The Donald Trump administration is actively seeking leakers of classified information that various news outlets have been using over the last few months to expose Trump administration shenanigans. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced...


The Low Self-Esteem of Donald Trump

There is only one thing that can explain Donald Trump’s incessant attacks upon the news media and women. It is his lack of belief in his own abilities. Trump is suffering from low self-esteem....


David Crowder and the Politics of News

The single most important issue that I have been focused on in my blog since its inception is my belief that the high level of El Paso corruption and ineptitude, that has led to...


Candidate Dossier: Cemellí de Aztlán

Name: Cemellí de Aztlán Date of Birth: 12/27/1980 (35) Education: Master in Divinity, Indigenous Religious Studies and Women in Religious Studies; Harvard University, 2009 Occupation: Network Weaver & Adjunct Professor Home address: 3317 Nashville...

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