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Donald Trump Backtracks on NAFTA

As expected, Donald Trump is now backtracking on doing away with NAFTA, or substantially renegotiating it, as he promised during the campaign. This is because the reality of NAFTA sobered up his political rhetoric...


Undocumented Immigrants Are Not All Criminals

Most of the vocal narrative about undocumented immigrants is surrounded by many falsehoods that is perpetuated to support the notion that undocumented immigrants are criminals. The use of the word “illegal” and the notion...


Emma Acosta Wants to be Mayor

As you very likely know, Emma Acosta is running for mayor. And typically El Paso, there is the stench of corruption in the upcoming election. Acosta has been posturing for the mayoralship ever since...


The Trump Wall Gets Underway Today

Today marks the official beginning of the Donald Trump Wall odyssey. The U.S. government has officially opened the first step in the process by asking potential vendors to submit design concepts and budgets. Although,...

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