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Hello El Paso

In case the accompanying graphic didn’t give it away already, I am in El Paso today following up on some pending research that needs to be completed here on the border. Although it is...

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An Update on my Blogging

Borrowing from Google’s Alphabet I have added a new way to get to my blog. I have also incorporated the Alphabet concept so that I can easier answer the question; exactly what do I...

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Today’s Joyce Wilson Appointment

City council is set to appoint former city manager Joyce Wilson to the Central Appraisal District (CAD) Board of Directors. Wilson was nominated by Oscar Leeser for the appointment. If city council (Item 1.1...

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Things That Make You Go What Da!

As you know there is some controversy about Tommy Gonzalez’ pay raise. As I was preparing for tomorrow’s blog post by doing some last minute research when I came across a website with Tommy...

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