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2015-30day-all 1

May 2015 30-day Report Analysis All Districts

Total contributions: $167,087.88 Top five contributors contributing to all districts: 1. Stanley P. Jobe $8,000 2. Dan Longoria $5,150 3. Woody L. Gale Hunt $5,000 4. Jack Winton $5,000 5. Harold W. Hahn $3,970.70...

2015-30day-8 0

May 2015 30-day Report Analysis District 8

Total campaign contributions raised in this district: $68,300.62 This district’s percentage of all monies raised in this reporting period: 40.88% Ranking of candidates by contributions: 1. Cortney Niland $61,093.00 [incumbent] 2. Joshua Dagda $7,207.62...

niland_cortney 4

Candidate Profile Cortney Carlisle Niland

Cortney Carlisle Niland (incumbent) Campaign Treasurer: Luis Gasca Website: Email: none Telephone: +1 915 588 1289 Age: 41 Occupation: Incumbent Candidate Informational Narrative: Cortney Niland was elected in 2011. She is the incumbent...

cul-cntr-upd415 3

Cultural Center Update

You might notice that the title of my blog post today does not include “Hispanic,” “Mexican-American” or other designation because the naming of the proposed cultural center is still up in the air. City...

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Candidate Profile Joshua Dagda

Joshua Dagda Campaign Treasurer: Rachel M. Cheek Website: Email: Telephone: +1 915 926 0910 Age: 26 Occupation: Business partner in Soy Creative Media and Loft Light Studio Candidate Informational Narrative: Joshua Dagda...

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