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Ali Enrique Razavi and Hypocrisy

You would think that in the many years I have been doing this I wouldn’t be surprised by the dirty politics that play out in the El Paso political scene. Yet, I am continually...

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Candidate Profile Peter Svarzbein

[Post updated at 12:00ET on April 17, 2015 in regards to amounts of contributions and Paypal] Peter Svarzbein Campaign Treasurer: Noel R. Rosenbaum Website: Email: Telephone: +1 915 246 4778 Age: 34...

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The El Paso Up Slogan

I have been mulling over El Paso’s new tourism slogan – El Paso Up. I am frequently accused of overly being negative about El Paso and never offering any suggestions for improving the city....

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Candidate Profile Manuel J. Hinojosa

Manuel J. Hinojosa Campaign Treasurer: Randy Graham Website: Email: Telephone: +1 915 799 3300 Age: 64 Occupation: Candidate Informational Narrative: Hinojosa graduated from UTEP and Ysleta High School. He is a native of...

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