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A Public Documents Archive

Some of you may have noticed that the site, where I was storing open records documents, is no longer working. Unfortunately, I was in a rush a few days ago and I inadvertently...

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What Will Veronica Escobar Do?

Friday, by the end of the day you and I, will find out what Veronica Escobar intends to do with the public documents about Greg Allen that she has refused to release to the...

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The Melania Trump Immigration File

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, it is important that we understand Melania Trump’s immigration story because she has stated, on numerous times, that she did it the “right way” and her husband, Donald...

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Melania Trump and Immigration

Why is Melania Trump’s immigration story important? She is not running for president, her husband is. So why focus on her immigration story and why is it relevant to the presidential election? Because Melania...

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