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The Piti Vazquez Problem for Veronica Escobar

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5 Responses

  1. JerryK says:

    Glad to see you’re back on El Paso issues that can’t be solved anymore than the national ones.

  2. Leslie Piper says:


  3. Walking Disaster says:

    isn’t it corruption when board members voluntarily admit they commit fraud by lying to receive federal funding?

    her record is a perfect example of the Midas touch. Total failure. The only things she is successful is in lying and using people.

    She was against jailing immigrants before she was for it. if the idiots in El Paso can’t understand that and still support.

  4. P Santo says:

    And how about Javier Chacon talk about secrecy

  5. Thomas says:

    Here is the truth Vero and Susie could be caught pimping out prostitutes to have sex , in the courthouse, on the county seal and then walking out with bags of the people’s tax dollars and the four percent or less who will get her elected this time around would approve and still give Vero their vote. What is even more sad is the such a small number of voters will decide El Paso’s future to who will represent them in Congress.
    Martin go look at who got the contract for the software for the upgrade for the antiquated mainframe compute to improve productive at the county to the tune of nine million dollars. Also go ask Vero and other members of the CCC to show if they got nine million dollars return for the county in improved productive. The problem is they can’t but all the local media will over look this fact as they fly air cover for Vero and company! This is just one of many example of Vero being a walking screw up but Oh yes let’s send her to Congress to be a screw up on the national stage for El Paso and El Paso County!

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