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Donald Trump Did the Right Thing on DACA

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2 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Both parties have had total control of The White House and Congress, at some point, over the last quarter century and could have fix the immigration long ago but they did not.
    The hard question has to be asked why!
    Obama ran twice claiming he would fix it and all he could do was write a limited executive order with an expiration date.
    The truth is neither parties leadership have every had any intention of addressing the issue they are only going to act in the interest of the big money donors that want to keeps the statuesque which provide them with cheap labor that cannot say anything about working condition,wages they work under. On the Democratic side the addition of possibly getting a few more voters legal or otherwise. On the Republican side the under cutting of American workers wages for these donors interest also.
    Look even now the Republican control Congress and the White House and they can’t and will not do nothing!
    Nope this isn’t Trump fault it just more BS he inherited from others Presidents and both party’s leadership. The Congress has six month to act but they will not and the can will be kick down the road as it always has!
    Martin I do not support illegal immigration but both parties leadership use these people as pawns for donor money ,votes and after that they do not give a damn about them! This is the hard truth people of both parties do not want to face up too!

  2. Pati says:

    I’m not ready to sing him praises. If his action leads to the legislation that provides Dreamers a pathway to citizenship than he would have done the right thing. The ends will justify the means in this case.

    He who put hope in their hearts but left their heads in the chopping block had the audacity to call the trompas move “cruel”.

    Now it’s up to Congress, the games politicians play.

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